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Details:Biographies (of people such as artists, engravers and sitters)
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NPGArtistDatesArtistCartographerEngraverPublisherPortrait Subject
57997Barney, William Whiston-Engraver
00109Boleyn, Anne1501-1536Subject
03252Bonaparte, Napoleon1769-1821Subject
00561Britton, John1771-1857ArtistSubject
00608Brunel, Isambard Kingdom1806-1859Subject
00634Bunbury, Henry William1750-1811ArtistEngraverSubject
00713Camden, William1551-1623Subject
85919Cardinal Richelieu1585-1642Subject
04904Cardinal Wolsey1473-1530Subject
00925Clint, George1770-1854ArtistEngraver
92782Colston, Edward1636-1721Subject
54537Cosway, Maria1760-1838ArtistSubject
01116Cromwell, Oliver1599-1658Subject
01125Crotch, William1775-1847ArtistSubject
06903Downman, John1750-1824Artist
03055Dundas, Henry1742-1811Subject
06915Dupont, Gainsborough1754-1797ArtistEngraver
02464Johnson, Ben1572-1637Subject
02446Johnson, Samuel1709-1784Subject
00840King Charles I1600-1649Subject
00841King Charles II1630-1685Subject
01429King Edward VI1537-1553Subject
01748King George I1660-1727Subject
01749King George II1683-1760Subject
01750King George III1738-1820Subject
01751King George IV1762-1830Subject
02140King Henri III of France1551-1589Subject
52649King Henri IV of France1553-1610Subject
02142King Henry V1387-1422Subject
02145King Henry VIII1491-1547Subject
02390King James I1566-1625Subject
02391King James II1633-1701Subject
13553King Louis Philippe of France1773-1850Subject
54352King Louis XIII of France1601-1643Subject
61499King Louis XIV of France1638-1715Subject
61934King Louis XVI of France1754-1793Subject
04834King William III1650-1702Subject
04835King William IV1765-1837Subject
07199Kyte, Francis1710-1744EngraverPublisher
13322Lens II, Bernard1659-1725EngraverPublisher
15504Lombart, Pierre1613-1682Engraver
02853MacArdell, James1727-1765ArtistEngraver
19776Madeley, George Edward1798-1858EngraverPublisher
65480Marie de Medici1575-1642Subject
02996Mary Queen of Scots1542-1587Subject
06288More, Sir Thomas1478-1535Subject
03269Nelson, Horatio1758-1805Subject
03286Newton, Sir Isaac1643-1727Subject
03490Peel, Robert1788-1850Subject
00850Pitt, William the Younger1759-1806Subject
00061Prince Albert1819-1861Subject
01754Prince George of Denmark1653-1708Subject
00111Queen Anne1665-1714Subject
00767Queen Caroline of Brunswick1768-1821Subject
00845Queen Charlotte1744-1818Subject
01452Queen Elizabeth I1533-1603Subject
02137Queen Henrietta Maria1609-1669Subject
02995Queen Mary I1516-1558Subject
02998Queen Mary II1662-1694Subject
04634Queen Victoria1819-1901Subject
04051Shakespeare, William1564-1616Subject
07556Sherwin, John Keyse1751-1790ArtistEngraverPublisher
04214Speed, John1552-1629CartographerSubject
04827Wilkes, John1725-1797Subject
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