Old Blendworth Church & Pond, Hants

Ref: P/10638
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Title: Old Blendworth Church & Pond, Hants
County: Hampshire
Location: Old Blendworth
Original Art : Hampshire
Medium: Watercolour
Artist: Hill H
Dimensions: 222 x 332 mm
Colour: Colour

This watercolour is signed H or M Hill and probably dates from the late 19th century. Old Blendworth lies a little to the east of Blendworth village but is no longer named on maps. The view is looking north up Rowlands Castle road, just before the junction with Duckstile Lane. It shows the church of St. Giles and the village pond. The church was demolished in the 1950s, but the churchyard is preserved as a public garden. The pond is still there, as is the cottage, which is no longer thatched.


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Antique Watercolour - "Old Blendworth Church & Pond, Hants" after H Hill.