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This site contains a constantly expanding catalogue of antique prints and maps with a choice of innovative and easy-to-use means of navigation. Currently there are 20060 items of which 1657 are maps. Not every item is a print. There are currently 723 original works of art. Many items are for sale at very reasonable prices but prices are not shown. If you are interested in any, please use the Make an Enquiry buttons to request a quotation.

Maps & Topography
Provides access to all maps and topographical views by drilling down through GB Counties and Countries. More detailed pages provided for Maps and Prints of Wiltshire and Bath. Also included are bibliographical details of the various series that the maps and prints belong to.

Print & Map Makers
Provides pages for many of the Artists, Cartographers, Engravers and Printers or Publishers involved in making the maps and prints.

A diverse range of themed galleries. Note that galleries for places, artists and engravers can now be found in the Maps & Togography and Print Makers areas.

Works like a search engine, presenting search results, ten per page, with images and descriptions. In the descriptions most of the keywords act as links to search for related items.

Rapid Browse
Could also be regarded as the site map. It offers links to every print grouped under subject categories. No images are shown (for speed) and numbers of links per page are unlimited.
Reference Numbers
Every print or map has a reference number of the form P/1234 and can be reached directly by appending this to the website's address - e.g. www.rareoldprints.com/p/1234. These addresses are shown on each page with a button that can be used to bookmark them.

Web References
Each item in the catalogue may contain a number of links to relevant references on the web. These links are green and open a separate window. References may be associated with the item itself or its subject. They may also be associated with attributes such as the Artis, Engraver, Publisher, Year, Publication of Original which might be shared by other items. Some of these references (where there is a chance that the reference may not be permanently available) contain a copy of the relevant content.

Links & Cross-referencing
Throughout this website, images of prints and any text that's blue can be assumed to be links within the site. Links appear underlined only on the home page. A key feature of the site's design is extensive cross-referencing. Wherever keywords appear, such as names of artists or engravers, subject categories etc, they will usually act as links to search for other prints that have the keyword in common. In Slideshows the little triangles (known as twisties) can be clicked on to expand and collapse further information situated below them.