(Camden Place, Bath.)

Ref: P/12993
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Title: (Camden Place, Bath.)
County: Bath
Location: Bath
City: City of Bath
Series: Bath and Bristol
Bath Prints: 057 Camden Crescent
Architect: Eveleigh, John
Bath: Camden Crescent
Medium: Steel
Artist: Shepherd T H
Engraver: Tombleson W
Publisher: Jones & Co
Date: 1829
Dimensions: 113 x 147 mm
Images of Bath: 0569A

Variant without title, not in IOB. An intermediate state between 0569 (which had the incorrect title "Lansdown Crescent" and 0569a where the title wascorrected.

Not for sale.

Antique Print - "(Camden Place, Bath.)" by W Tombleson after T H Shepherd published 1829 by Jones & Co.