Farm House & Bridge, Wool. Sept. 1882

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Title: Farm House & Bridge, Wool. Sept. 1882
County: Dorset
Location: Wool
Original Art : Dorset
Medium: Watercolour
Artist: Guest T
Date: 1882
Dimensions: 216 x 445 mm
Colour: Colour

The view shows Woolbridge Manor house from the west, looking across the river Frome, with the ancient bridge on the right.

The Manor house, once the seat of the Turberville family, was featured in Thomas Hardy's Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1891) as Wellbridge House where Tess and Angel Clare had their honeymoon.

"They drove by the level road along the valley to a distance of a few miles, and, reaching Wellbridge, turned away from the village to the left, and over the great Elizabethan bridge which gives the place half its name. Immediately behind it stood the house wherein they had engaged lodgings, whose exterior features are so well known to all travellers through the Froom Valley; once portion of a fine manorial residence, and the property and seat of a D'Urberville, but since its partial demolition a farm-house".

With the date of this painting only nine years prior to the publishing of Tess, the view must be almost exactly as Thomas Hardy would have seen it.


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Antique Watercolour - "Farm House & Bridge, Wool. Sept. 1882" after T Guest published 1882.