Bath. Enlarged from the Ordnance Survey.

Ref: P/14416
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Title: Bath. Enlarged from the Ordnance Survey.
Town: Bath
County: Bath
City: City of Bath
Map Series: R K Dawson (3)
Bath: Maps
Medium: Copper
Artist: Dawson R K
Date: 1837
From: Report of the Commissioners 1837
Dimensions: 313 x 195 mm
Colour: Original wash colouring

Vertical crease with sewing holes from the original binding
From the Ordnance Survey. Pl.No.1. 2 maps - one 1 inch and one 4 inches to the mile

Not for sale..

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Year:1837 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Map - "Bath. Enlarged from the Ordnance Survey." after R K Dawson published 1837.