The Point of Honor.

Ref: P/16035
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Title: The Point of Honor.
Series: Greenwich Hospital
Caricatures: George Cruikshank
Medium: Etching
Artist: Cruikshank, George
Engraver: Cruikshank, George
Publisher: Jas. Robins & Co Ivy Lane Paternoster Row London
Date: 1825
Dimensions: 161 x 220 mm
Colour: Original colour

No longer available.

Web References
Artist:George Cruikshank en.wikipedia.org
Engraver:George Cruikshank en.wikipedia.org
Year:1825 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Etching - "The Point of Honor." by G Cruikshank published 1825 by Jas. Robins & Co Ivy Lane Paternoster Row London.