The Cow Herd

Ref: P/17297
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Title: The Cow Herd
Animals & Plants: Cattle
Medium: Etching
Artist: Potter, Paulus
Engraver: Potter, Paulus
Date: 1649
Dimensions: 182 x 200 mm

On thin laid paper. Margins approximately 5mm outside the plate mark. Two areas of browning in the sky caused by old masking tape on verso.
Cowherd driving three horned cattle before him; below, in the foreground, a recumbent steer and a standing steer, marsh and trees beyond.
Bartsch 14 - "Le Vacher" - 4th and final state with the date altered to 1649


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Year:1649 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Etching - "The Cow Herd" by P Potter published 1649.