Halcyon Club 1872

Ref: P/18723
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Physical Attributes
Technique: Photograph
Type: Albumen
Colour: Sepia
Dimensions: 225 x 280 mm

County: Oxfordshire
City: Oxford
Oxford / Queen's College

Date: 1872

Photographs : Oxfordshire

Bibliographic References

One of a pair of very rare early photographs of the Halycyon Club, one of Oxford University's notorious secret drinking societies. Sixteen members have posed for the photograph in the Provost's Garden of Queen's College, in front of the statue of the college's founder, Robert de Egelfield.

In its original mount with gilt edged window, hand drawn and coloured crest of Queen's College and names of the members in ink: A. Tindall, T. M. Todd, T. J. Jones-Williams, J. W. Kidston, C. E. Champneys, C. B. L. Tylecote, J. F. Quirk, A. J. Swinbourne, W. C. F. Cross, J. C. Pickersgill-Cunliffe, J. A. Neale, W. B. Cloete, G. O. Alington, J. Hewetson, E. L. Bryans and E. J. Pope. Messrs. Todd and Tylecote also featured in the 1870 photograph.

No longer available

Antique Photograph - "Halcyon Club 1872" published 1872.