Scene from "Tom Jones."

Ref: P/23727
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Title: Scene from "Tom Jones."
Categories: Genre
Medium: Copper
Artist: Loutherbourg, Philip James
Engraver: Bartolozzi, Francesco; Woollett, William
Publisher: V. M. Picot No. 16 Strand
Date: 1776
Dimensions: 370 x 330 mm

The Landscape by W. Woollett. The Figures by F. Bartolozzi.
Fagan XCIV 3rd state (or 1st published state) proof before title.


Web References
Artist:William Woollett en.wikipedia.org
Year:1776 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "Scene from "Tom Jones."" by Louthebourg P J De after W Woollett published 1776 by V. M. Picot No. 16 Strand.