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Wiltshire wth Salisbury Citty & Stone heng described Ano 1689
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Wiltshire Maps reference wm/1
Categories: Maps / Wiltshire / Saxton / Lea
Medium: Copper
Artist: Saxton C
Engraver: Hogenberg R
Publisher: Philip Lea
Date: 1689
From: The Shires of England and Wales
Dimensions: 420 x 470 mm
Colour: Original outline
Antique Map - "Wiltshire wth Salisbury Citty & Stone heng described Ano 1689" by R Hogenberg after C Saxton published 1689 by Philip Lea.
3rd state with major additions. Arms of Edw: Hide (bottom right) blank.

I would be interested in acquiring an example of this map

Web References

Artist:Christopher Saxton en.wikipedia.org
Year:1689 en.wikipedia.org