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Title: Middlesex
County: Middlesex
Map Series: Pieter Meijer
Medium: Copper
Artist: Bowen E
Engraver: Schenk & Soon
Publisher: Pieter Meijer, Amsterdam
Date: 1759
Dimensions: 174 x 198 mm

A very fine example of one of the rarest series of English county maps - Middlesex by Pieter Meijer - 1759. The map's engraved area is 172x195mm. In its original uncoloured state, in immaculate condition with wide margins. One of a series of maps published by the Dutch cartographer Pieter Meijer, closely based upon the maps of Emanuel Bowen and Benjamin Martin. The latter are not too difficult to find but the Meijer copies are extremely rare.

No longer available.

Web References
Artist:Emanuel Bowen en.wikipedia.org
Year:1759 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Map - "Middlesex" by & Soon Schenk after E Bowen published 1759 by Pieter Meijer, Amsterdam.