(Bath from the South East)

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Title: (Bath from the South East)
County: Bath
Location: Bath
City: City of Bath
Bath Prints: 017 General Views from SE
Bath: General Views
Original Art : Bath
Medium: Pencil sketch
Dimensions: 135 x 200 mm

Looks to have been torn from a sketch book. View of the centre of Bath from the SE with South Parade in the foreground. The tower of the old St Michael's church (demolished in 1835) is clearly visible. The view seems to have been taken from number 1 Macaulay Buildings looking across Widcombe Hill. On the left are the bay windows of the first of three pairs of semi-detached houses on the left side of Widcombe Hill heading towards Bath. However, the position of the tower of the Abbey relative to the skyline isn't quite correct. This may be due to artistic licence as it would require the view to have been taken a little further down the hill, where there is only the high wall of Crowe Hall and no houses. Interestingly the Theweneti brothers (3 painters of miniatures) lived at number 7 Macaulay buildings at this time.

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Antique Pencil sketch - "(Bath from the South East)".