Colossus Solis

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Physical Attributes
Technique: Copper plate engraving
Dimensions: 207 x 254 mm

Artist: Maarten van Heemskerck
Engraver: Philip Galle
Publisher(s): Galle, Theodoor
Published by: T Galle
Date: 1572

Allegory, Religion etc: Mythology

Bibliographic References
British Museum: 1948-0410-4-74

The iconic image of the Colossus of Rhodes, by Phillipe Galle after Marten van Heemskerk, from the "Seven Wonders of the World" (Octo Miraculo Mundi) 1572

Antique Print - "Colossus Solis" by P Galle after Heemskerck M Van published 1572 by T Galle.