The Bath Revolution or the King Deposed

Ref: P/5714
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Title: The Bath Revolution or the King Deposed
County: Bath
Location: Bath
City: City of Bath
Bath Prints: 106 Vague Views
Images of Bath #: 1040
Caricatures: Miscellaneous
Publisher: S W Fores 50 Piccadilly
Date: 1803
Dimensions: 234 x 332 mm
Colour: Original colour

Bath interest. The print relates to the attempt by James Heaven, master of the Lower Rooms, to depose James King as Bath's Master of Ceremonies. Rear-Admiral Stanhope and Colonel Strode were included in the committee formed to support King.

Not for sale..

Web References
Print:Holburne Museum copy www.holburne.org
Year:1803 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "The Bath Revolution or the King Deposed" published 1803 by S W Fores 50 Piccadilly.