Saloon at the Marine Pavillion

Ref: P/6688
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Title: Saloon at the Marine Pavillion
County: Sussex
Location: Brighton
Caricatures: Thomas Rowlandson
Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Rowlandson, Thomas
Engraver: Alken S
Publisher: G & J Robinson
Date: 1790
From: Rowlandson's An Excusion to Brightemlstone 1790
Dimensions: 253 x 317 mm
Colour: Coloured

A scene in Holland's Marine Pavillion at Brighton


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Medium:Aquatint engraving en.wikipedia.org
Artist:Thomas Rowlandson en.wikipedia.org
Year:1790 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Aquatint - "Saloon at the Marine Pavillion" by S Alken after T Rowlandson published 1790 by G & J Robinson.