(Helena Forman)

Ref: P/6694
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Title: (Helena Forman)
Portraits: Actors
Galleries: Houghton Gallery
Medium: Stipple
Artist: Van Dyck, Sir Anthony
Engraver: Sailliar L
Portrait Subject: Fourment, Helena
Publisher: Boydell, John
Date: 1783
From: Houghton Gallery
Dimensions: 570 x 378 mm

Proof before letters. A Portrait of Helena Fourment, second wife of Rubens.


Web References
Print:BM Copy www.britishmuseum.org
Artist:Sir Anthony Van Dyck en.wikipedia.org
Publisher:John Boydell en.wikipedia.org
Year:1783 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Stipple - "(Helena Forman)" by L Sailliar after Dyck A Van published 1783 by John Boydell.