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General Views from E
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IOB: 0119
Ref: P/1903
Date: 1841
Artist: Bartlett W H
Engraver: Bentley J C
Publisher: Geo Virtue
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: 153 x 180 mm

IOB: 0119
Ref: P/10530
Date: 1841
Artist: Bartlett W H
Engraver: Bentley J C
Publisher: Geo Virtue
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: 153 x 182 mm

Not for sale
IOB: 0119
Ref: P/12995
Artist: Bartlett W H
Engraver: Bentley J C
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: 153 x 182 mm

Bath from Sham Castle.
IOB: 0120a
Ref: P/3347
Engraver: Curtis F
Publisher: F Curtis, 4 Quiet St, Milsom St, Bath
Medium: Steel Vignette
Dimensions: 60 x 95 mm

Not for sale
IOB: 0121
Ref: P/13000
Date: 1840
Engraver: Curtis F
Publisher: J & E Harwood, 26 Fenchurch Street
Medium: Steel Vignette
Dimensions: 121 x 156 mm

IOB: 0121
Ref: P/10846
Date: 1840
Engraver: J & F Harwood
Medium: Steel Vignette
Dimensions: 125 x 160 mm

Not for sale
Bath from the Sham Castle
IOB: 0118
Ref: P/15022
Date: 1850
Artist: Syer J
Engraver: Picken T
Publisher: Wm Everitt, Bath
Medium: Lithograph
Dimensions: mm

Not for sale
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Categories and IOB reference numbers are based upon "Images of Bath" (1982) by James Lees-Milne and David Ford.