Reference: P/99999
14 Gaudet etc; 23 views of Glasgow; 300 Maps & prints; 46 town & city maps for £430; 49 prints for £25; 5 maritime aquatints; 75 early Victorian valentines in 2 albums; 82 engravings; 86 prints on album pages; 87 cattle; A box of paintings; A South Prospect of the Abby-Gate at Reading.; A Tessalated Roman Pavement found 25 Years ago in a Garden in Dorsetshire belonging to Mr. Templeman & dug up at the Expense of Jn. Pitt Esqr.; A View of two Abbies and a Castle of the Earl of Desmond at Addair County of Limerick.; Abbotsford.; Abercairny.; Acton Reynald Hall.; Adare Manor.; Album of 389 engravings - mostly steel vignettes £110; Album of prints; Aldby Park.; antelopes; Apley Park.; Appleby Castle.; Arbury Hall; Arundel Castle.; Ashcombe Park.; Aske Hall.; Astley Hall.; Bagshot Park.; Barons Court.; Bearwood.; Beningborough Hall.; Berkeley Castle.; Bestwood Lodge.; Bideford Bridge & Town, North Devon; Birr Castle.; Bishops Court.; Book: 12 Views of Bridlington Quay; Bowood Park.; Bramhall Hall.; Brancepeth Castle.; Brantingham Thorpe.; Brechin Castle.; Brockley Hall.; Broughton House.; Bulwell Hall.; Caen Wood Towers.; Caledon.; Capernwray.; Capesthorne.; Carnanton.; Carrick Ferry near Wexford, Ireland.; Castle Coole.; Castle Forbes.; Castle Hill.; Castle Macgarrett.; Children's Book; Chillingham Castle.; Circular Part of the Temple Church, London.; Clio & Euterpe (Selected Songs); Cliveden.; Colchester Castle N.E. Essex.; Colchester Castle S.W. Essex.; Compton Verney; Conway.; Coughton Court.; Cowdray Park.; Cross at Chichester, Sussex.; Cross at Glastonbury, Somersetshire.; Cross at Stourhead, Wiltshire.; Cross at Winchester, Hampshire.
Cross at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.; Dalkeith Palace.; Dalton Hall.; Danesfield House.; Dartrey.; Datchet Bridge near Windsor.; Dawson Grove, the Seat of the Rt. Honble. Lord Dartrey; in the County of Monaghan, Ireland.; Death of Punch.; Deene Park.; Denby Grange; Denton Park.; Ditchley House.; Division of Holland; Doctor Syntax & his Counterpart.; Doctor Syntax Amused with Pat in the Pond.; Doctor Syntax and the Bees.; Doctor Syntax and the Gypsies.; Doctor Syntax at an Auction.; Doctor Syntax at Freemason Hall.; Doctor Syntax at the Funeral of his Wife.; Doctor Syntax in a Court of Justice.; Doctor Syntax in the Glass House.; Doctor Syntax Lamening Loss of his Wife.; Doctor Syntax Loses his Wig.; Doctor Syntax Making a Discovery.; Doctor Syntax Making his Will.; Doctor Syntax Painting a Portrait.; Doctor Syntax Present at a Coffee House Brawl in Bath.; Doctor Syntax Setting Out in Search of a Wife.; Doctor Syntax Setting out on his Second Tour.; Doctor Syntax Soliloquising.; Doctor Syntax Turned Nurse.; Doctor Syntax Visit to Widow Hopefull at York.; Doctor Syntax Visits a Boarding School for Young Ladies.; Doctor Syntax Visits Eaton Hall Cheshire.; Doctor Syntax with the Skimmington Riders.; Doctor Syntax & Bookseller.; Doctor Syntax & Superannuated Foxhunter.; Donington Hall.; Door Way to the Temple Church, London.; Downton Hall.; Dromoland.; Drumlanrig Castle.; Drumlanrig with a distant view of the Mountains of Galway in Scotland.; Dr. Syntax at Card Party.; Dr. Syntax in Danger.; Dr. Syntax in the Wrong Lodging House.; Dr. Syntax Presenting a Floral Offering.; Dr. Syntax rec'd by Maid instead of Mistress.; Dr. Syntax Star Gazing.; Dr. Syntax with Blue Stocking Beauty.; Dr. Syntax & the Foundling.; Duff House, the Seat of the Earl of Fife, in Bamffshire.; Dunmore Park.; Dunstaffage Castle; Dunster Castle.; Earl of Breadalbane's Seat at Killing.; East View of the Inside of Cardiff Castle.; Eastnor Castle.; Easton Hall.; Eastwell Park.; Edinburgh Castle; Ednaston Lodge.; Eggerdon Hill.; Eggesford House.; Elton Hall.; Encuclopedia 300 plates; Enniscorthy, in the County of Wexford.; Eshton Hall.; Euston Hall.; Exton House.; Folio of prints etc - £45; Four Crosses.; Fragment of the Western Door-way, to Malmsbury Abbey-Church, Wiltshire.; Frames (13); Frames (18); Frames (37); Frames (39); Frames (39); Frames (6); Frames (6); Frames (8); Frames (approx. 12); Frames (approx. 40); Frames (approx. 40); Frames (approx. 40); Frames (approx. 50); Funeral of Syntax.; Galloway House; Geddington Cross, Northamptonshire.; Glamis Castle.; Glasgow Cathedral.; Gloucester Cross.
Coventry Cross.; Glynde Place.; Ground-plan & Entrance Door-way to Little Maplested Church, Essex.; Ground Plan of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Cambridge.; Ground Plan of the Nave &c. of Malmsbury Abbey-Church, Wiltshire.; Ground Plan with the Groining &c. of the Roof of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; Ground Plan & Top of Malmesbury Cross, Wiltshire.; Ground Plan, Stairs, &c of Colchester Castle, Essex.; Gunton Park.; Hackwood Park, the Seat of his Grace the Duke of Bolton, near Basingstoke, Hampshire.; Haddo House.; Hamilton Palace.; Hanbury Hall.; Harry finch sketches; Hawarden Castle.; Hawkestone.; Heaton Park.; Helmingham Hall.; Hemsted Park.; Hengrave Hall.; Heraldry job lot; Hertfordshire; Heythrop.; Hi-res photo of P/12078 Hall Barn; Hi-res photo of P/1787 Trentham Park; Hi-res photo of P/18718 York from the Walls; Hi-res photo of P/18719 York from the West; Hi-res photo of P/18985 Princess Esterhazy; Hi-res photo of P/2099 Longleate; Hi-res photo of P/5469 Cambridge Prison and Castle; Hi-res photo of P/909 Drayton Wiltshire; Hi-res photo of P/909 Sir Bevys; Hi-res photos of 4 York steel vignettes; High Cliffe.; Holker Hall.; Hornby Castle.; Howick Hall.; Hughenden Manor.; Hutton-in-the Forest.; Hutton Hall.; Impensis Major: Ald: Ball et Burgens: Burgi de Dorchester; Inner Door-way to Malmsbury Abbey-Church. Wiltshire.; Interior of Malmsbury Abbey-Church, Wiltshire.; Interior of the Ruins of St. Botolph's Priory Church, at Colchester, Essex.
Plan of St. Botolph's Priory Church, taken by Benn. Strutt Esqr. 1788.; Interior (looking West) of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; Introduction to Courtship.; Keele Hall.; Kelham Hall.; Kimberley Hall.; Kimbolton Castle.; Kingstone in Dorsetshire a Seat of John Pitt Esqr.; Kirk of Luss by Loch Lomond.; Kirtling Tower.; Knole.; Lambton Castle; Lanhydrock House.; Large number of large rubbish prints; Lathom House.; Lawton Hall.; Letter Shuna, the Seat of the Laird of Appin Islands.; Levens Hall.; Lilburn Tower.; Loan of P/10383 (Landscape with Forground Trees); Locko Park.; Longleat.; Lumley Castle.; Lydford Cascade; Maiden Castle.; Malmesbury Cross, Wiltshire.; Malmsbury Abbey-Church N.E. Wiltshire.; Malmsbury Abbey-Church. Wiltshire.; Malmsbury Abbey Church. distant View from the N.W. Wiltshire.; Mamhead; Many Loose prints; Market Cross at Cheddar, Somersetshire.; Marr Longe in Bamff-shire A Hunting Seat of the Earl of Fife's.; Marriage of Dr. Dicky Bend.; Meer Hall.; Melton Constable.; Merevale Hall.; Mersham Hatch.; Milbourn St. Andrew, the Seat of Edmd. Morton Pleydell Esq.; Misfortunes at Tulip Hall.; Miss Worthys Marriage Doctor Syntax in Chair.; Moreton Hall.; Muncaster Castle.; Natural History; Nether Hall.; Netherhall.; Noble Hunting Party.; Normanhurst.; North East View of the Town of Dorchester; North West View of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; Nostel Priory.; Nuneham Park.; Old Castle and Johns Bridge at Limerick.; others not catalogued. Total for the lot £146.64; Oxley Manor.; Part of the Screen in Edward the Confessor's Chapel, Westminster Abbey Church.; Part of the Western Front of Dunstaple Priory Church, Bedfordshire.; Parts of the Door Way, of Ockendon Church, Essex.; Parts & Ornaments of the Western Front of the Priory Church, Dunstaple, Bedfordshire.; Peckforton Castle.; Penshurst Castle.; Peper Harow.; Permission to use photograph of P/3217 Paignton; Philiphaugh.; Photograph of P/11342 Steep Street, Bristol; Photograph of P/13195 Hastings Station; Photograph of P/3110 Bridlington sketch; Photograph of P/5447 Southwark Fair; Photos of 2 stonehenge prints; Photos of Royal Crescent print P/16466; Plan of St. Sepulchre's Church, Northampton.; Plan of the First Second and Third Stories of Queen's Cross. Northamptonshire.; Plan of the Groining & Section of the Roof of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; Plan of the Temple Church, London.; Plan, Ornaments and Figures of The Queen's Cross.; Plan, Ornaments &c. of Chichester Cross, Sussex.; Plan, Ornaments, &c. ofGeddington Cross, Northamptonshire.; Plate ; Powerscourt.; Powis Castle.; Preston Hall.; Pynes.; Quantity of OS maps; Quantity of unwanted leather bound books; Ravensworth Castle.; Regency gilt gesso frame (from Thames aquatint; Remains of the West Front &c of St. Botolph's Priory Church, at Colchester, Essex.; Remains of the Western Front of Malmsbury Abbey-Church, Wiltshire.; Result of Purchasing a Blind Horse.; Rhydd Court.; Rolleston Hall.; Ross; Rossie Castle.; Rossmore Park.; Round Church at Little Maplested, Essex.; Round Church at Little Maplested, Essex.; Rushton Hall.; Sacre Coeur de Jesus Christ.; Sandbeck Park.; Sandringham; Section of a part of th South Side of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; Sezincot.; Shelton Abbey.; Shirburn Castle.; Somerleyton.; South East Prospect of his Grace the Duke of Queensberry's Seat at Drumlanrig.; South Entrance Porch to King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; South View of Stirling Castle.; South View of the Nave &c. of Malmsbury Abbey-Church, Wiltshire.; South View of Wardour Castle, Wilts. The Seat of Lord Arundell of Wardour.; Southern Porch to Malmsbury Abbey-Church. Wiltshire.; Stained Glass in Siddington Church.; Stevenstone Park.; Stoneware bird feeder A1157; Stoneware Flagons (30); Stoneware Ginger Beers (20); Stowlangtoft Hall.; Studley Castle.; Studley Royal.; St. Kelly's Castle on the Black Water.; St. Michael's Mount; St. Nicholas Church and the Abbey Gateway at Abingdon, Berkshire.; St. Sepulchre's Church, N.E, Northampton.; St. Sepulchre's Church, (looking West) Cambridge.; St. Sepulchre's Church, (looking West) Northampton.; St. Sepulchre's Church, (Western Entrance.) Cambridge.; Sundorne Castle.; Swindon glass bottles (53); Taureau de Durham.; Taureau de Durham.; The Advt. for a Wife.; The Arch from St. Mary's Church, Marlbro, Wilts. The Border Ornaments from Malmesbury Abbey-Church, Wilts.; The Artists Room.; The Banns Forbidden.; The Billiard Table.; The Cellar Quartetto.; The Door-Way to Ockendon Church, Essex.; The Down House.; The Garden Trio.; The Harvest Home.; The Interior of Malmesbury Cross, Wiltshire.; The Prince and Princess of Wales at Longleat House, Wiltshire; The Queen's Cross, near Northampton.; The Tinnihinch Road, with a View of Bray Town and Head, in the County of Wicklow.; The Tower Gateway of Layer Marney House, Essex.; The Western Front of St. Botolph's Priory Church, at Colchester, Essex.; The Western Front of the Priory Church, Dunstaple, Bedfordshire.; The White Cross, near Hereford.
The Blackfriars Cross, at Hereford.; Thicket Priory.; This Figure of Mercury was found in a Garden in Dorsets're 25 Years ago, & given to John Pitt Esqr by the Reverd. Mr. Cozens who discovered it.; To John Damer Esqr; this East View of his Seat at Came in Dorsetshire, Engraved at his Expence, is Respectfully Inscribed by his Obliged humble Servant, the Author.; To the Right Honble: Joseph Lord Milton this South Front of Abbots Wooton House, Engraved at his Expence, is respectfully Inscribed by his Lordship's Obliged Humble Servt, the Author.; To William Trenchard Esqr. this South East View of Wolveton House, the antient Seat of the Family, is with respect Inscribed by his much obliged humble Servant The Author.; Toddington Park.; Trafalgar House; Tregothnan House.; Tyttenhanger Park.; Underley Hall.; Usage rights for Hi-res photo of P/18449 Royal Crescent; Vache de Durham.; Vache de Durham.; Various; Various (small copper); View of Ben-Lomond from Cameron Wood.; View of Carlisle.; View of Fort George and Town of Inverness, as it was in the Year 1744.; View of Strath Tay Sr. Robert Menzies Seat.; View of the Copper Works at Neath.; View of the Kings Road & Loch-Lomond.; View of the Lower & Middle Lake & entrance into the upper Lake of Killarney from Mr.Husseys Mausoleum.; Views of The Holy Land; Walking the Dog; Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.; Walton Hall.; Warter Priory.; Waterford.; West Front &c. of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.; West Wycombe.; Westonbirt House.; Westwood Park.; Willesley Hall.; Wiltshire - Sheet 14; Witchingham Hall.; Wolseley Hall.; Woman with flute; Workington Hall.; Wroxton Abbey.; Wycombe Abbey.; Wynn Stay Denbighshire. (Seat of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Bart.); Wynnstay.; Wynyard Park.; (8 Bristol Bird etchings); (Boston Hussey Tower); (Croyland Triangular Bridge); (Gate Burton); (Louth Abbey); (Newport Gate as it appeared in 1794); (Roman Copper Coin dug up at Little Paunton); (Thornton Abbey); ?; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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