Military - Battles on Land


The Battle of Zente September the 11 1707.
Ref: P/18584

Medium: Copper
Artist: Benoist A
Engraver: Du Bosc C
Publisher: Cl du Bosc
Date: 1733

The Battle of Straffard
Ref: P/18583

Medium: Copper
Artist: Benoist A
Engraver: Du Bosc C
Publisher: Cl du Bosc
Date: 1735

The Battle of Minden...
Ref: P/10817

Medium: Copper
Engraver: Goldar
Date: 1783

The Grand Attack on Valenciennes by the Combined ArmiesĀ under the Command of His Royal Highness the Duke of York, 25 July 1793.
Ref: P/28332
/ Valenciennes
Medium: Copper
Artist: Loutherbourg P J
Engraver: Bromley W
Date: 1802

The Battle of the Boyne.
Ref: P/2759

Medium: Copper
Engraver: Chapman J
Date: 1812

The death of General Ross, near Baltimore. As soon as he perceived that he was wounded he fell into the arms of a brother officer
Ref: P/22924

Medium: Copper
Publisher: T. Kinnersley
Date: 1815

Battle of the Pyrenees. July 28th. 1813. Between the combined Armies, under the commnd of the Duke of Wellington, and the French, under Marshall Soult.
Ref: P/21408

Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Heath W
Engraver: Heath W
Publisher: Jas. Whittle and R. H. Laurie, No 53 Fleet Street, London
Date: 1818

Ref: P/12640

Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Westall R
Engraver: Fielding T
Date: 1819

Rangoon. The Storming of one of the Principal Stockades on its inside on the 8th July 1824.
Ref: P/21544
/ Rangoon
Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Moore J
Engraver: Hunt G
Publisher: Kingsbury & Co, 6 Leadenhall St & T. Clay, 18 Ludgate Hill
Date: 1825

Combat between the Papal Dragoons and Brigands.
Ref: P/13847

Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Vernet H
Engraver: Lucas D
Publisher: Thos McLean & F G Moon
Date: 1834

Charge of the 3rd. Kings Own Lt. Dragoons at the Battle of Chillianwallah, Jany. 13th. 1849.
Ref: P/16102

Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Martens H
Engraver: Harris J
Publisher: Ackermann & Co
Date: 1849

No longer available
The Two Comerades. Before the Battle
Ref: P/166

Medium: Lithograph

No longer available
The Storming of Seringapatan
Ref: P/265

Medium: Steel
Artist: Heath
Engraver: Landseer

The Two Comerades. After the Battle
Ref: P/827

Medium: Lithograph

No longer available
Battle of Talavera
Ref: P/1057

Medium: Steel
Artist: Heath
Engraver: Landseer

Torres Vedras with part of the celebrated lines
Ref: P/1172

Medium: Steel
Artist: Heath
Engraver: Landseer

Siege of Gibraltar.
Ref: P/2069

Medium: Steel
Artist: Copley J S
Engraver: Armytage J C
Publisher: James S.Virtue, London

No longer available
Battle of Hastings
Ref: P/5026

Medium: Steel
Artist: Loutherbourg P J
Engraver: Payne A H
Publisher: J Hagger, London

St. Jean d'Acre.
Ref: P/11676

Medium: Etching

Bataille de Jena.
Ref: P/18405

Medium: Copper
Artist: Martinet
Engraver: Brunelliere
Publisher: Paris, Chez Jean, Rue St. Jean de Bauvais No. 10

The Battle of the Boyne. July. 1. 1690
Ref: P/19634

Medium: Copper
Artist: Wyke
Engraver: Goldar

The Death of King Richard the Third in the Battle of Bosworth Field
Ref: P/19635

Medium: Copper

A'Bas le Manteau, or the Murmer of the French Grand Army in their Retreat through Russia, 1812.
Ref: P/22150

Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Atkinson J
Engraver: Dubourg M

The Battle of Turin, between the Confederates, Commanded by his Highness Prince Eugene of Savoy, and the French, under the Duke of Orleans, 7th September 1706.
Ref: P/31700
/ Turin
Medium: Copper
Publisher: Carington Bowles, Map & Printseller, No. 69 in St. Paul's Church Yard, London

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