Chirk Viaduct - Shrewsbury & Chester Railway.

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Physical Attributes
Technique: Lithograph
Colour: Original colour
Dimensions: 220 x 286 mm

County: Denbighshire
Country: Wales
Location: Chirk

Artist: Pickering C
Lithographer: George Hawkins
Lithographic Printer: Day & Son
Published by: T. Catherall, Eastgate Row, Chester.

Bridges: Chirk Viaduct

Bibliographic References
Pratt & Veysey: 0046

Length 846 feet. Height 100 feet. Number of Arches 12. Span of 10 Stone Arches 46 feet. Span of 2 Timber Arches 120 feet.
Henry Robertson Engineer.

No longer available

Antique Lithograph - "Chirk Viaduct - Shrewsbury & Chester Railway." by G Hawkins after C Pickering published by T. Catherall, Eastgate Row, Chester..