The Tapestry of Bayeux. Pl.I

Ref: P/16366
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Title: The Tapestry of Bayeux. Pl.I
Country: France
Location: Bayeux
Series: Basire's Bayeux Tapestry
Departement: 14 Calvados
Medium: Aquatint
Engraver: Basire, Isaac
Date: 1819
Dimensions: 460 x 670 mm
Colour: Original colour

In 1816 the Society of Antiquaries of London commissioned its historical draughtsman, Charles Stothard to make an accurate coloured facsimile of the tapestry. His drawings were subsequently engraved by James Basire Junior and published by the Society in 1819–23 as a series of large format aquatints. These provide a valuable record of the tapestry as it was before 19th-century restoration.


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Engraver:James Basire en.wikipedia.org
Year:1819 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Aquatint - "The Tapestry of Bayeux. Pl.I" by J Basire published 1819.