The Disturbers of the Dead put to Flight.

Ref: P/19805
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Title: The Disturbers of the Dead put to Flight.
Caricatures: Drolls or Satires
Galleries: Medicine
Medium: Mezzotint
Publisher: Bowles & Carver
Dimensions: 253 x 351 mm

Numbered 205, with five lines of verse:
Whether Doctor, or Balaam, is most to be prais'd,
Our readers are left in some doubt,
The good Doctor 'tis sure, the Outcry first rais'd'
But the braying compleated the Rout.

An early depiction of bodysnatchers in a church graveyard,disturbed by the braying of an ass.
An anatomist is overseeing the operation.
Rare. Not in the BM. The Wellcome Library has an earlier edition with the imprint of Carington Bowles, dated 1771.


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Antique Mezzotint - "The Disturbers of the Dead put to Flight." published by Bowles & Carver.