The "Bedford" in rain

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Title: The "Bedford" in rain
County: London
Location: Holborn
Medium: Silkscreen
Artist: Carr F
Date: 1950
Dimensions: 370 x 475 mm
Colour: Printed in 6 colours

By Francis Carr (1919-2013). Numbered 1 of 10. Signed and dated 1950. The location is believed to be the Bedford Cafe in Sicillian Avenue, Holborn.  The artist, born Géza Spitzer, emigrated from Hungary to England in 1938 to escape anti-semitism. He later married fellow artist Dorothy Carr and assumed her surname. He learned silk screen printing after the war and became a pioneer of the medium for artistic work.

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Antique Silkscreen - "The "Bedford" in rain" after F Carr published 1950.