(Ogilby's Iliad: )

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Title: (Ogilby's Iliad: )
Categories: Old Master
Medium: Copper
Publisher: Ogilby, John
Date: 1660
From: Homer his Iliads Translated Adorn'd with Sculpture.. John Ogilby 1660
Dimensions: 300 x 195 mm

Edoardo Bysshe de Smallfield Comitatu Surrey Armigero Tabulam hanc D.D.D.L.M.I.O. Lib: 18 Ver 39
One of the 51 plates from this volume. The latin title is just the dedication of the plate.


Web References
Publisher:John Ogilby en.wikipedia.org
Year:1660 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "(Ogilby's Iliad: )" published 1660 by John Ogilby.