Public Bathing at Bath, or Stewing Alive.

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Physical Attributes
Technique: Aquatint
Colour: Original colour
Dimensions: 112 x 186 mm

Location: Bath
City: Bath
Bath: King's Bath

Artist: Isaac Robert Cruikshank
Engraver: Isaac Robert Cruikshank
Published by: Sherwood & Co
Date: 1825

Print Series: Blackmantle's English Spy
Bath Prints: 040 King's & Queen's Baths
Caricatures: Isaac Robert Cruikshank

Bibliographic References
Images of Bath: 0338

Volume II Plate 33
The man in rofile in the bottom right corner is Cruikshank himself.

Not for sale.

Antique Aquatint - "Public Bathing at Bath, or Stewing Alive." by R Cruikshank published 1825 by Sherwood & Co.