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Abbey Scenery

Title:Scenery of Great Britain and Ireland in Aquatint and Lithography 1770-1860 from the Library of J. R. Abbey A Bibliographical Catalogue
Author(s):J. R. Abbey
Publisher:The Curwen Press
Reprints:Reprinted 1972 by Dawsons of Pall Mall
Applied to:Print Sets of GB & Ireland Topography

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Copperplate Magazine
The Copperplate Magazine, or Monthly Cabinet of Picturesque Prints
Date: 1792-1803
Loutherbourg's Scenery
The Romantic and Picturesque Scenery of England and Wales
Publisher: Robert Bowyer
Date: 1805-1824
Hassell's Antiquities
The Beauties of Antiquity or Remnants of Feudal Splendour and Monastic Times
Publisher: London. J. Hassell
Date: 1810
Daniell's Voyage round GB
A Voyage Round Great Britain
Date: 1814-1825
Robertson's Bath Road
A Topographical Survey of the Great Road from London to Bath and Bristol
Date: 1792
Hassell's Grand Junction
Tour of the Grand Junction, illustrated in a series of engravings, with an historical and topographical description of those parts of the counties of Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Northamptonshire, through which the canal passes
Date: 1819
Cosmo's Travels
Travels of Cosmo the Third, Duke of Tuscany, through England... (1669)
Publisher: J.Mawman, London
Date: 1821
The Comforts of Bath
The Comforts of Bath
Date: 1857
Nattes Bath Views
Bath. A Series of Illustrated Views.
Publisher: William Miller
Date: 1806
Browne's New Bath Guide
The New Bath Guide
Date: 1807-09
Barker's Landscape Scenery
Benjamin Barker's English Landscape Scenery
Date: 1824-1843
Four Views of Bournemouth
Four Lithographic Views of Bournemouth
Publisher: Bournemouth: E. M. & A. Sydenham, Marine Library. | Poole: R. Sydenham, 105, High Street
Date: 1850c
Harraden's Cambridge
Harraden's Picturesque Views of Cambridge
Date: 1800
Ackermann's Cambridge
The History of the University of Cambridge
Publisher: London Ackermann & Co
Date: 1815
Potter's Charnwood Forest
The History and Antiquities of Charnwood Forest
Date: 1842
Prout's Antiquities of Chester
Picturesque Antiquities of Chester. From the original drawings of J. S. Prout
Publisher: Ackermann & Co and Boult & Catherall, Chester
Date: 1839
Polwhele's History of Cornwall
The History of Cornwall
Date: 1803
Bluck's Views in Gloucestershire
Four Views in Gloucestershire
Publisher: R. Ackermann
Date: 1801
History of Grittleton
History of the Parish of Grittleton
Date: 1843
Howell's Views of Knaresborough
Fourteen lithographic views of Knaresborough, in Yorkshire / sketched from nature and drawn on stone by Samuel Howell, with illustrative sketches in prose and verse by J. Doran, Esq.
Date: 1837
Ancient Liverpool
Pictorial Relics of Ancient Liverpool
Date: 1843-1848,1856
Microcosm of London
Microcosm of London
Publisher: London Ackermann & Co
Date: 1810
Slatter's Oxford Views
Views of All the Colleges, Halls and Public Buildings in the University and City of Oxford with Descriptions.
Publisher: Oxford. H. Slatter, Herald Office
Date: 1824
Ackermann's Oxford
The History of the University of Oxford
Publisher: London Ackermann & Co
Date: 1814
Sidmouth Scenery
Sidmouth Scenery
Date: 1816-21
Sweeting's West Somerset
Sketches of scenery in the west of Somersetshire
Publisher: A. Pocock, Bristol
Date: 1840c
Vectis Scenery
Vectis Scenery: Being a Series of Original & Select Views: Exhibiting the Picturesque Beauties and Places of particular interest in The Isle of Wight
Date: 1825-1840
Lithographs of Bolton Abbey
Fourteen views in lithography, of Bolton Abbey, Wharfedale, Yorkshire
Date: 1829
Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire
Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire
Publisher: Robert Sunter, York
Date: 1843
Repton's Fragments
Fragments on the theory and practice of landscape gardening
Date: 1816
Havell's Seats
A Series of Picturesque Views of Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, with Historical & Descriptive Accounts of each subject..
Publisher: London. R. Havell.
Date: 1823
Pyne's Royal Residences
The History of the royal residences of Windsor Castle, St James's Palace, Carlton House, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Buckingham House and Frogmore
Publisher: W. H. Pyne
Date: 1816-1819
Mansions of England
The Mansions of England in the Olden Time
Publisher: T. McLean
Date: 1839
Baronial Halls
Baronial Halls and Picturesque Edifices of England
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
Date: 1844
Views of Berkeley Castle
Views of Berkeley Castle, taken on the spot, and drawn in stone by Mr. H. Marklove
Publisher: Sold by Longman & Co, London; Strong, Bristol; Bryant, Gloucester; and Partridge, Nailsworth. (Printed by William Partridge, Nailsworth.)
Date: 1840
Rutter's Fonthill Abbey
Delineations of Fonthill and its Abbey
Date: 1823
The Longleat Views
The Longleat Views by Mrs R R Pocock, a series of six lithographs published by A Pocock, Bristol
Date: 1840
Ireland's River Avon
Picturesque Views on the Upper, Or Warwickshire Avon: From Its Sources at Naseby to Its Junction with the Severn at Tewkesbury: with Observations on the Public Buildings, and Other Works of Art in Its Vicinity
Date: 1795
Ireland's River Medway
Picturesque Views, on the River Medway: From the Nore to the Vicinity of Its Source in Sussex: with Observations on the Public Buildings and Other Works of Art in Its Neighbourhood
Date: 1793
Ireland's River Severn
Picturesque Views of the Severn
Publisher: G. And W. B. Whittaker
Date: 1824
Ireland's River Thames
Picturesque Views on the River Thames,: From Its Source in Gloucestershire to the Nore; with Observations on the Public Buildings and Other Works of Art in Its Vicinity
Date: 1792
Boydell's River Thames
An History of the River Thames
Date: 1794-1796
Memorials of Charterhouse
Memorials of Charterhouse. A series of Original Views taken and drawn on Stone by C. W. Radclyffe, Esq.
Publisher: James Moore
Date: 1844
Memorials of Shrewsbury School
Memorials of Shrewsbury School
Date: 1843
Scenery of Ireland
Scenery of Ireland
Date: 1795
Views in Ireland
Views in Ireland
Date: 1795-6
Clark's Views in Scotland
Views in Scotland
Publisher: Smith, Elder & Co
Date: 1824-1825
Swarbreck's Sketches in Scotland
Sketches in Scotland
Publisher: C. Hullmandel
Date: 1839
Jukes's Views in North Wales
Views in North Wales
Date: 1792-4
Cambria Depicta
Canabria Depicta a Tour through North Wales, Illustrated with Picturesque Views by a Native Artist.
Date: 1816
Williams's Monmouthshire
The History of Monmouthshire
Date: 1796
Ireland's River Wye
Picturesque Views, on the River Wye
Date: 1797
Views of Sidmouth
Views of Sidmouth
Date: 1816
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