Bathensis ecclesiae cath: facies occidentalis.

Ref: P/2702
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Title: Bathensis ecclesiae cath: facies occidentalis.
County: Bath
Location: Bath
City: City of Bath
Series: Dugdale's Monasticon
Bath Prints: 008 Abbey from W
Images of Bath #: 0050
Abbeys: Bath
Bath: Bath Abbey
Medium: Copper
Artist: King, Daniel
Engraver: King, Daniel
Date: 1655
Dimensions: 240 x 168 mm
Colour: Coloured

Vetans mori fierifecit Thom: Bayly S.T.D.Framed by Harris of Bath. Typed label on back correctly identified the print but dated it c1740!
This appears to be the first state of the plate with no plate number or English title

Not for sale..

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Year:1655 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "Bathensis ecclesiae cath: facies occidentalis." by D King published 1655.