Wilt shire

Ref: P/3297
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Title: Wilt shire
County: Wiltshire
Map Series: Robert Morden (larger)
Wiltshire Map: wm/18
Medium: Copper
Artist: Morden R
Cartographer: Morden, Robert
Publisher: Churchill, Awnsham; Churchill, John; Swale, Abel
Date: 1695
From: Camden's Britannia 1695
Dimensions: 343 x 410 mm
Colour: Recent colour

The 1st state with the erroneous village of "Quare". On thin paper.

No longer available.

Web References
Artist:Robert Morden en.wikipedia.org
Year:1695 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Map - "Wilt shire" after R Morden published 1695 by Abel Swale Awnsham & John Churchill.