Bathensis ecclesiae cath: facies occidentalis.

Ref: P/4801
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Title: Bathensis ecclesiae cath: facies occidentalis.
County: Bath
Location: Bath
City: City of Bath
Series: Dugdale's Monasticon
Bath Prints: 008 Abbey from W
Images of Bath #: 0050
Abbeys: Bath
Bath: Bath Abbey
Medium: Copper
Artist: King, Daniel
Engraver: King, Daniel
Date: 1655
Dimensions: 240 x 168 mm
Colour: Coloured

Vetans mori fierifecit Thom: Bayly S.T.D.Framed by Harris of Bath.
This appears to be the first state of the plate with no plate number or English title

Not for sale..

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Year:1655 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "Bathensis ecclesiae cath: facies occidentalis." by D King published 1655.