Wiltshire wth Salisbury Citty & Stone heng described Ano 1689

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Physical Attributes
Technique: Copper plate engraving
Colour: Original outline
Dimensions: 420 x 470 mm

County: Wiltshire
Salisbury: Maps

Cartographer: Saxton C
Cartographer: Christopher Saxton
Engraver: Remigius Hogenberg
Published by: Philip Lea
Date: 1693

Map Series: Christopher Saxton
Wiltshire Maps: wm/1
Ancient & Roman Sites: Stonehenge
Source Book: The Shires of England and Wales

Bibliographic References
Jones: 001.5

Circular library ink stamp in right margin
3rd state with roads added and arms of Edw: Hide completed.

Not for sale.

Antique Map - "Wiltshire wth Salisbury Citty & Stone heng described Ano 1689" by R Hogenberg after C Saxton published 1693 by Philip Lea.