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London : Guildhall London

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Antique prints of Guildhall in London.

La Guildhall, London
Ref: P/13025
Artist: Schmitte M
Engraver: Schmitte M

Monument to the Memory of Alderman Beckford, In Guildhall.
Ref: P/29129
Series: Hughson's London
Engraver: Grainger
Publisher: J. Stratford 112 Holborn Hill
Date: 1807

Monument in Guildhall to the Memory of the Earl of Chatham.
Ref: P/29130
Series: Hughson's London
Publisher: J. Stratford 112 Holborn Hill
Date: 1807

Ref: P/29131
Series: Hughson's London
Artist: Gyfford
Engraver: Hay
Publisher: J. Stratford 112 Holborn Hill
Date: 1807

View of the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen Guildhall.
Ref: P/32616
Series: European Magazine

Guildhall London
Ref: P/4017
Engraver: Shury J
Publisher: T. Bowyer 1 City Rd, Finsbury
Date: 1841

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