Leicester en Rutland

Ref: P/1189
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Title: Leicester en Rutland
County: Leicestershire
Map Series: Pieter Meijer
Medium: Copper
Artist: Bowen E
Engraver: Schenk & Jansz
Publisher: Pieter Meijer, Amsterdam
Date: 1766
Dimensions: 167 x 185 mm

A very rare Dutch copy of Bowen's small map in Dutch. One of the rarest 18th century English county maps.Mint condition.

No longer available.

Web References
Artist:Emanuel Bowen en.wikipedia.org
Year:1766 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Map - "Leicester en Rutland" by & Jansz Schenk after E Bowen published 1766 by Pieter Meijer, Amsterdam.