Ruins of Dryburgh Abbey

Ref: P/1224
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Title: Ruins of Dryburgh Abbey
County: Scotland
Location: Dryburgh
Abbeys: Dryburgh
Medium: Copper
Artist: Rutherford A
Engraver: Picot V M
Publisher: Picot's London & Rutherford Perth
Date: 1776
Dimensions: 390 x 510 mm

Some old folds ironed flat. Top of central fold reinforded on verso. Trimmed just within plate mark but more than one cm margins around image.
"This plate is respectfully inscribed to the Earl of Buchan, by his Lordships most obedient humble servants, A Rutherford"
"To be had at Picot's No.16 Strand, London & Rutherford, Perth Scotland" On thick watermarked laid paper.

No longer available.

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Year:1776 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "Ruins of Dryburgh Abbey" by V M Picot after A Rutherford published 1776 by Picot's London & Rutherford Perth.