Doctor Syntax Losing His Way

Ref: P/1532
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Title: Doctor Syntax Losing His Way
Caricatures: Thomas Rowlandson - Dr. Syntax
Medium: Aquatint
Artist: Rowlandson, Thomas
Engraver: Rowlandson, Thomas
Publisher: Ackermann R
Date: 1817
From: The Tour of Doctor Syntax In Search of the Picturesque - W.Combe 1817
Dimensions: 128 x 195 mm
Colour: Original colour

From the 1817 7th edition "with new plates"


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Medium:Aquatint engraving en.wikipedia.org
Artist:Thomas Rowlandson en.wikipedia.org
Publisher:Rudolf Ackermann en.wikipedia.org
Year:1817 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Aquatint - "Doctor Syntax Losing His Way " by T Rowlandson published 1817 by Ackermann R.