571. Coursing the Hare.

Ref: P/16411
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Title: 571. Coursing the Hare.
Series: Bowles's Hare Coursing
Sporting: Hare Coursing
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Dighton, Robert Senior
Engraver: Earlom, Richard
Publisher: Bowles, Carington
Date: 1787
Dimensions: 248 x 352 mm
Colour: Original gouache colour

Printed for & sold by Carington Bowles No. 69 St. Paul's Church Yard, London. One of a set of four in old ebonised frames


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Artist:Robert Dighton en.wikipedia.org
Engraver:Richard Earlom en.wikipedia.org
Year:1787 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Mezzotint - "571. Coursing the Hare." by R Earlom after R Dighton published 1787 by Carington Bowles.