The Miseries of Idleness

Ref: P/18010
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Title: The Miseries of Idleness
Categories: George Morland
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Morland, George
Engraver: Hudson H
Publisher: J. R. Smith, 31 King Street, Covent Garden
Date: 1790
Dimensions: 336 x 378 mm
Colour: Printed in colour


Web References
Medium:Mezzotint engraving en.wikipedia.org
Artist:George Morland en.wikipedia.org
Year:1790 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Mezzotint - "The Miseries of Idleness" by H Hudson after G Morland published 1790 by J. R. Smith, 31 King Street, Covent Garden.