Roch Abbey

Ref: P/4169
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Title: Roch Abbey
County: Yorkshire
Location: Roche
Series: Hearne & Byrne's Antiquities
Abbeys: Roche
Medium: Copper
Artist: Hearne, Thomas
Engraver: Byrne, William
Publisher: W.Byrne No 79 Titchfield Street
Date: 1800
Dimensions: 210 x 250 mm

To the Right Honble the Earl of Scarborough This View of Roch Abbey is Inscribed By his Lordship's most obedient Servant Wiliam Byrne


Web References
Artist:Thomas Hearne en.wikipedia.org
Year:1800 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Print - "Roch Abbey" by W Byrne after T Hearne published 1800 by W.Byrne No 79 Titchfield Street.