Conway Tubular Bridge

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Title: Conway Tubular Bridge
County: Carnarvonshire
Location: Conway
Bridges: Conway Tubular Bridge
Medium: Lithograph
Artist: Lister J
Engraver: Newman & Co
Publisher: William Bridge, Conway
Date: 1848
Dimensions: 240 x 310 mm
Colour: Sepia

Upper margin trimmed off
Robert Stephenson Esqre Engineer. Clear Span 400 feet. 18 feet above High Water. Weight of each Tube 1300 Tons. Height in Towers 90 feet above High Water.
Drawn by John Lister Junr. on the Road leading to Penarth July 1848.

No longer available.

Web References
Subject:Conwy Railway Bridge en.wikipedia.org
Year:1848 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Lithograph - "Conway Tubular Bridge" by & Co Newman after J Lister published 1848 by William Bridge, Conway.