Exonia. Excester.

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Title: Exonia. Excester.
Town: Exeter
County: Devon
Map Series: Rutger Hermannides
Medium: Copper
Artist: Hermannides R
Date: 1661
From: Britannia Magna
Dimensions: 105 x 126 mm
Colour: Coloured

Exeter, Devon by Rutgerus Hermannides, published in Amsterdam. Based upon the 1587 map by John Hooker, originally engraved by Remigius Hogenberg and subsequently copied by John Speed (1611), Braun & Hogenberg (1618) and Matthias Merrian (1650).

No longer available.

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Print:Culture Grid copy www.culturegrid.org.uk
Year:1661 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Map - "Exonia. Excester." after R Hermannides published 1661.