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London : St. James's Park London

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Antique prints of St. James's Park in London.

Vue du Parc St. James a Londres.
Ref: P/3194
Publisher: Daumont, rue St. Martin

A View of Royal Building for His Majestys Horse & Foot Guards with the Treasury in St. James's Park, London. La Vue de l'Hotel Royal pour les Gardes du Corps at a ldie avec le Tresorerie dans le Parc de Saint Jaques a Londres.
Ref: P/15956
Date: 1753

A View of the Parade in St. James's Park. Vue de la Parade dans le Parc de St. Jacques.
Ref: P/17765
Artist: Canaletto
Publisher: Robert Sayer, Map & Printseller, at The Golden Buck near Serjeants Inn Fleet Street
Date: 1804

A View of the Mall in St. James's Park.
Ref: P/18095
Artist: Chatelain, Jean Baptiste Claude
Engraver: Toms W H
Publisher: Laurie & Whittle
Date: 1794

View of St. James's Park, from New Buckingham House.
Ref: P/18338
Publisher: R. Taylor, 66 Whitechapel
Date: 1826

A View of the Parade of St. James Park, The New Buildings for the Horse Guards, The Admiralty with His Majesty going to the House of Lords &c.
Ref: P/24778
Artist: Canaletto
Engraver: Bowles J
Publisher: Laurie & Whittle, 53 Fleet Street, London
Date: 1794

A View of St James's Park, taken near the Stable Yard, Comprehending St James's Palace, Westminster Abby, Whitehall, &c.
Ref: P/18094
Artist: Maurer, John
Engraver: Smith J
Publisher: Laurie & Whittle
Date: 1794

No longer available
The Royal Palace of St. James's next the Park. Le Palais Royale de St. Jacques du coste du Parc.
Ref: P/13475
Publisher: Carington Bowles

No longer available
To the Royal Patronesses, The Noble Vice-Patronesses and the Ladies, Friends of The Charing-Cross Hospital, This View of their Fancy Fair, Held May 1830, For the benefit of that institution, At the Mansion and Grounds of John Penn Esqr, Spring Gardens, St. James's Park, Is respectfully inscribed by their obedient Servant, George Scharf.
Ref: P/14490
Artist: Scharf G
Engraver: Scharf G
Date: 1830

No longer available
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