Dedie A Monsieur Colbert D'Ormoy,

Ref: P/23052
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Title: Dedie A Monsieur Colbert D'Ormoy,
Categories: Old Master / Audran
Galleries: Music
Medium: Etching
Artist: Carache H
Engraver: Audran G
Publisher: Chez Audran Rue S. Jacques
Date: 1664
Dimensions: 542 x 354 mm

The death of St Francis of Assisi, lying in a bed, surrounded by three mourning friars, with angel playing violin in upper left corner. After Annibale Caracci


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Year:1664 en.wikipedia.org

Antique Etching - "Dedie A Monsieur Colbert D'Ormoy," by G Audran after H Carache published 1664 by Chez Audran Rue S. Jacques.