Gallery: Americana

A View of the Fall of Montmorenci and the Attack made by General Wolf, on the French Intrenchments near Beauport, with the Grenadiers of the Army, July 31. 1759.
Ref: P/19283
Categories: Foreign Topography / Canada / Beauport
Medium: Copper
Artist: Smyth Hervey
Engraver: Elliott W
Publisher: J. Jefferys the Corner of St. Martin's Lane.
Date: 1760

A View of the Taking of Quebec September 13th 1759 . Vue de la Prise de Quebec le 13 Septembre 1759
Ref: P/10085
Categories: Foreign Topography / Canada / Quebec
Medium: Copper
Artist: Smyth H
Publisher: R Sayer & I Bennett

Amerique Septentrionale
Ref: P/13608
Categories: Maps / North America
Medium: Steel
Artist: Levasseur V

Ref: P/10115
Categories: Caricatures / Gillray
Medium: Etching
Artist: Gillray J
Engraver: Gillray J
Publisher: W Renegal
Date: 1780

Ref: P/14466
Categories: Maps / Boston MA / Boston MA
Medium: Steel
Artist: Rapkin J
Engraver: Rapkin J
Publisher: John Tallis

From a sketch by W R Callington Engineer Boston - The American Steam Packet Caroline Descending the Great Falls of Niagara after being set on fire by the British Dec 29th 1837 with a distant view of Navy Island Chippewa & Schlosser
Ref: P/21216
Categories: Foreign Topography / U.S.A. / Niagara Falls
Medium: Lithograph
Artist: Callington W R
Engraver: Grieve J
Publisher: J. Robins, London
Date: 1838

The Close of the Battle or the Champion Triumphant.
Ref: P/19455
Categories: Sporting / Boxing
Medium: Etching
Publisher: Walker & Knight, No.7 Cornhill
Date: 1811

The death of General Ross, near Baltimore. As soon as he perceived that he was wounded he fell into the arms of a brother officer
Ref: P/22924
Categories: Military
Medium: Copper
Publisher: T. Kinnersley
Date: 1815

The Engagement of Capn. Pearson in His Majesty's Ship Serapis, with Paul Jones of the American Ship of War called the Bon Homme Richard: in which Action the former was taken, while the Countess of Scarborough was also captured by the Pallas frigate.
Ref: P/17000
Categories: Maritime
Medium: Copper
Artist: Hamilton
Engraver: Collier R

The Indian Queen
Ref: P/16406
Categories: Portraits / Bracegirdle, Miss
Medium: Mezzotint
Engraver: Vincent W
Publisher: John Smith

The Manner in which the American Colonies Declared themselves Independant of the King of England, throughout the different Provinces, on July 4. 1776.
Ref: P/17002
Categories: Military / Charles Town
Medium: Copper
Artist: Hamilton
Engraver: Noble

The Waterfall of Niagara / La Cascade de Niagara
Ref: P/5268
Categories: Foreign Topography / U.S.A. / Niagara Falls
Medium: Copper
Artist: Hancock R
Publisher: Laurie & Whittle
Date: 1794

United States
Ref: P/4949
Categories: Maps / U.S.A.
Medium: Steel
Artist: Rapkin J
Engraver: Rapkin J
Publisher: J & F Tallis

View of the Attack on Bunker's Hill, with the Burning of Charles Town, June 17. 1775.Barnard's New Complete & Authentic History of England.
Ref: P/17001
Categories: Foreign Topography / U.S.A. / Boston
Medium: Copper
Artist: Millar
Engraver: Lodge

William Penn's Treaty with the Indians, when he founded the province of Pensylvania in North America 1681.
Ref: P/17713
Categories: Foreign Topography / U.S.A. / !Other
Medium: Copper
Artist: West B
Engraver: Hall J
Publisher: Boydell
Date: 1775

William Penn.
Ref: P/18962
Categories: Portraits / Penn
Medium: Copper
Engraver: Stanier

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