Gallery: Puzzles

Welcome to the gallery of puzzles! Identifying the subject locations of topographical prints can sometimes be a difficult but interesting exercise. In some cases the puzzle has taken years to solve. It occurred to me that I might call upon visitors to my website for assistance and that some might find these puzzles enjoyable.

This concertina bound book contains six watercolour portraits of chinese women, each with an associated page of text. All images can be seen on the Six Chinese Women gallery page.
Joseph Peacock was a successful architect and designed numerous churches in the mid-Victorian era. But which church is this?
The creator of this remarkable bedspread left a clue to its origin - a stitched inscription that reads "1875. ch. Joyau. Beaugency (Loiret.)". Follow this link to see detailed Images from the Beaugency Quilt.
This looks very similar to Francis Cleyn's engraved frontispiece to Ogilby's 1651 edition of the Fables of Aesop, and I suspect that the engaver might be Francis Barlow. However, I haven't managed to match it up with any individual fables. Perhaps it's from another set of Cleyn's illustrations?
This oil painting is quite modern but where is the location? My first guess would be somewhere in the south of France. Is there a hint of a mountain in the background? In the bottom right corner there's a signature or title - Le or La something? Written on the back of the frame is "Fletcher (Somers)"
This looks like a very unusual and distinctive piece of gothic architecture. English, Victorian...
The paper looks early - possibly 17th century - and the style is very like that of Rembrandt. Who could it be by?
Where is this house? The only clue to the location was a fairly modern framer's label from Upton-upon-Severn.
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