Gallery: Mezzotint Portraits of Men

Casparus Netscher
Ref: P/5202
Categories: Portraits / Netscher
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Netscher C
Engraver: Vaillant V

Charles Cholmondeley of Vale Royal
Ref: P/4043
Categories: Portraits / Cholmondeley, Charles
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Wilson B
Engraver: Frye T
Publisher: J.Pawton, Chester & J.Boydell
Date: 1756

Cornelis de Wit. Ruward van den Lande van Putten &c
Ref: P/5181
Categories: Portraits / De Witt, Cornelis
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: De Bane J
Engraver: Blooteling A

Dobson's Father. In the Cabinet at Houghton.
Ref: P/5031
Categories: Art
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Dobson W
Engraver: Green V
Publisher: John Boydell
Date: 1776

Earl of Pembroke
Ref: P/628
Categories: Portraits / Pembroke, Earl of
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Reynolds J
Engraver: Dixon J
Date: 1769

Fridericus.Tertius; March. Brandenb. Boruss.
Ref: P/5804
Categories: Portraits / Tertius
Medium: Mezzotint
Engraver: Schenck P
Publisher: P Schenck

Henry Jenkins
Ref: P/3784
Categories: Portraits / Jenkins
Medium: Mezzotint
Publisher: Robert Sayer

His Excellency Simon Harcourt, Earl Harcourt Lord Lieutenant and General Governor of Ireland
Ref: P/5206
Categories: Portraits / Harcourt, Simon
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Hunter R
Engraver: Fisher E
Date: 1775

Innocent the Tenth. In the Cabinet at Houghton.
Ref: P/5032
Categories: Art
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Velazquez D
Engraver: Green V
Publisher: John Boydell
Date: 1774

Isaacus Newton Eq: Aur.
Ref: P/4732
Categories: Portraits / Newton, Sir Isaac
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Kneller G
Engraver: Smith J
Date: 1712

Offers considered
Joan de Wit. Raet Pensionaris van Holland &c
Ref: P/5182
Categories: Portraits / De Witt, Johan
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: De Bane J
Engraver: Blooteling A

John Pine
Ref: P/5200
Categories: Portraits / Pine, John
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Hogarth W
Engraver: McArdell J

Lord Frederick Campbell Lord Register of Scotland, And one of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council
Ref: P/4186
Categories: Portraits / Campbell
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Gainsborough T
Engraver: Dupont G

Richard Langhorne
Ref: P/3069
Categories: Portraits / Langhorne, Richard
Medium: Mezzotint
Publisher: W.Richardson York House, 31 Strand
Date: 1802

The Honble Edward Boscawen, Admiral of the Blue Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet. And One of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.
Ref: P/3388
Categories: Portraits / Boscawen, Edward
Medium: Mezzotint
Publisher: John Bowles at the Black Horse in Cornhill, London.

The Honourable George Lee Esqr. LLD. One of the Lords Commissioners of ye Admiralty
Ref: P/27
Categories: Portraits / Lee, George
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Wills J
Engraver: Faber J
Publisher: Faber at the Golden Head in Bloomsbury Square

Timothy Bennett of Hampton Wick in Middlesex Shoemaker, Aged 75, 1752.
Ref: P/2627
Categories: Portraits / Bennett, Timothy
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Budd
Engraver: McArdell J

(Boy reading)
Ref: P/5229
Categories: Portraits
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Reynolds J
Engraver: Keating G

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