Gallery: Mezzotint Portraits of Women

Ref: P/903
Categories: Decorative
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: McArdell J
Engraver: McArdell J
Publisher: John Bowles

Elizabeth Laura Henrietta, Younger Daughter of Lord William Russell
Ref: P/4836
Categories: Portraits / Russell
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Owen W
Engraver: Meyer H
Date: 1808

Her Grace the Duchess of Bedford
Ref: P/5751
Categories: Portraits / Bedford
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Hoppner J
Engraver: Reynolds S W
Publisher: S W Reynolds
Date: 1803

Jane Duchess of Gordon
Ref: P/5747
Categories: Portraits / Gordon
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Reynolds J
Engraver: Dickinson W
Publisher: V M Picot & W Dickinson
Date: 1775

Lady Bradshaigh
Ref: P/3003
Categories: Portraits / Bradshaigh, Lady
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Kneller G
Engraver: Faber J
Publisher: Tho. Bowles & Jn.Bowles & Son, Cornhill
Date: 1744

Mary Stewart, Queen of France and Scotland, and Henry Lord Darnley, her Husband.
Ref: P/4344
Categories: Portraits / Mary Queen of Scots
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Elstrack R
Engraver: Dunkarton R
Publisher: S Woodburn 112 St Martins Lane, London

Miss Carter
Ref: P/5426
Categories: Portraits / Carter
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Smith J R
Engraver: Smith J R
Date: 1777

Miss Kemble
Ref: P/5440
Categories: Portraits / Kemble
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Reynolds J
Engraver: Jones J
Publisher: J Jones, No 63 Great Portland Street
Date: 1784

Rachel, Countess of Southampton
Ref: P/353
Categories: Portraits / Southampton
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Van Dyck A
Engraver: McArdell J
Date: 1758

Rubens 2nd Wife
Ref: P/3587
Categories: Portraits / Fourment, Helena
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Van Dyke A
Engraver: McArdell J

Rubens with his Wife and Child. From the Original in the Collection of His Grace the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim.
Ref: P/2936
Categories: Art
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Rubens P P
Engraver: McArdell J

Ref: P/504
Categories: Decorative
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Williams J
Engraver: McArdell J
Publisher: John Bowles

The Right Honble Mary Feilding sole daughter & heir of Barnha Ld Visc Carlingford
Ref: P/5201
Categories: Portraits / Feilding, Mary
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Lely P
Engraver: Beckett I

(Happy Peasant Girl playing a fife)
Ref: P/5199
Categories: Portraits
Medium: Mezzotint
Artist: Molenaar J
Engraver: McArdell J

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