Wiltshire County Maps
72 74 : Dix 1816

From a series of county maps surveyed by Thomas Dix. Dix died in 1813 and the series was completed by the publisher William Darton who published them in atlas form in 1822. Maps in the atlas bear dates ranging from 1816 to 1821. Wiltshire is thus one of the earliest. It's very likely that these earlier maps were issued as loose sheets before the atlas appeared. Wiltshire certainly was issued as a folding map on linen, in a slipcase. Two characteristic features of the maps are the vignette views and circular title frames. Wiltshire's view is of the nave of Malmesbury Abbey, copied from the engraving that appeared in Britton's "Beauties of England and Wales".

A second issue was published by William Darton & Son in an atlas of 1835, with completely re-engraved titles, without the circular frame and with Thomas Dix's name removed. These maps include the new parliamentary divisions. Maps in this series were also sold separately as folding maps on linen.

Both issues are quite rare.

Examples (2)

Ref: 5679
State: 1
Title: A New Map of the County of Wiltshire divided into Hundreds by Mr Thos. Dix
Date: 1816

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Ref: 26157
State: 2
Title: Wiltshire Divided Into Hundreds, and the Parliamentary Divisions.
Date: 1835

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