Wiltshire County Maps
36 36 : Meijer, Pieter 1757

Meijer's maps were copied from the small maps of Emanuel Bowen that appeared in" The Natural History of England", published 1755-63. They were included in "Algemeene Oefenschoole", a translation of " The Natural History of England", published in two volumes dated 1763 1nd 1770. The maps have dates ranging from 1757 to 1770, suggesting that they may have been issued in parts with the earlier issues concurrent with the work from which they were copied.

Wiltshire was the fourth map in the series, sharing the earliest date of 1757 with Devonshire, Dorset and Somerset.

Maps in this series are much rarer than their Bowen counterparts and very difficult to find.

Examples can be found in the following English County Atlases.
260 : Meijer Algemeene Oefenschool 1757-1770 in state 1

Examples (2)

Ref: 145
State: 1
Date: 1757

Ref: 8044
State: 1
Date: 1759

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Wiltshire Maps
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Bowes, W
Van den Keere, Pieter
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Drayton, Michael
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Blaeu, Jan
Jansson, Jan
Overton, John
Blome, Richard
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Morden, Robert
Redmayne, William
Seller, John
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Bowen, Emanuel
Bowen, Emanuel
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Meijer, Pieter
Kitchin, Thomas
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Cary, John
Cary, John
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Tunnicliff, William
Baker, Benjamin
Smith, Charles
Cary, John
Luffman, J
Butters, R
Cary, John
Cooper, H
Roper / Cole
Cary, John
Wallis, James
Wallis, James
Neele, Samuel John
Rowe, Robert
Langley & Belch
Neele, Samuel John
Hall / Leigh
Neele & Son
Reid, W.H.
Greenwood, C & J
Miller, Robert
Cary, John
Gardner / Smith
Perrot, Aristide Michel
Ebden / Duncan
Pass, J
Greenwood, C & J
Murray, T L
Teesdale, Henry
Creighton, R
Hall, Sidney
Dawson, R K
Nichols & Son
Cobbett, W
Fullarton, Archibald
Archer / Pinnock
Creighton, R
Walker, J & C
Moule, Thomas
Pigot, J
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Archer, J
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Bartholomew / Philip
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Bartholomew / W H Smith
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