Wiltshire County Maps
41 43 : Kitchin, Thomas 1769

This series of maps was prepared for Kitchin's Pocket Atlas of 1769. This was produced in soft leather covers and featured the new and experimental idea of all the maps being drawn to the same scale. Kitchin used his own map of England and Wales (on 4 sheets) as a source, enlarging them all by the same ratio. However, the inland county boundaries in the source maps were quite inaccurately drawn. This, compounded by the copying and enlargement process, resulted in some oddly shaped counties. Wiltshire is a prime example, with its NE corner stretched and distorted. It's likely that this atlas was experimental as Kitchin would have been well aware of its inaccuracies and its rarity suggests that few were sold.

The plates were probably acquired as "old copper" by Carington Bowles who seemed to provide something of a graveyard for county atlases.

Examples can be found in the following English County Atlases.
258 : Kitchin Kitchin's Pocket Atlas 1769 in state 1
259 : Kitchin Bowles's Pocket Atlas 1778c in state 2

Examples (3)

Ref: 8045
State: 1
Date: 1769

Not for sale
Ref: 8024
State: 2
Date: 1778

Not for sale
Ref: 11622

Not for sale

Wiltshire Maps
Saxton, Christopher
Bowes, W
Van den Keere, Pieter
Bowes, W
Speed, John
Drayton, Michael
Bill, John
Van Langeren, Jacob
Jenner, Thomas
Blaeu, Jan
Jansson, Jan
Overton, John
Blome, Richard
Blome, Richard
Morden, Robert
Redmayne, William
Seller, John
Morden, Robert
Morden, Robert
Lenthall, John
Owen & Bowen
Moll, Herman
Seale, Richard William
Badeslade, Thomas
Cowley, John
Rocque, John
Simpson, Samuel
Osborne, Thomas
Kitchin & Jefferys
Kitchin, Thomas
Exshaw, John
Seale, R W
Bickham, George
Bowen, Emanuel
Bowen, Emanuel
Gibson, John
Meijer, Pieter
Kitchin, Thomas
Bowen, Emanuel
Ellis, Joseph
Bowen, T
Kitchin, Thomas
Andrews & Dury
Conder, Thomas
Cary, John
Harrison, John
Cary, John
Cary, John
Lodge, John
Aiken, John
Tunnicliff, William
Baker, Benjamin
Smith, Charles
Cary, John
Luffman, J
Butters, R
Cary, John
Cooper, H
Roper / Cole
Cary, John
Wallis, James
Wallis, James
Neele, Samuel John
Rowe, Robert
Langley & Belch
Neele, Samuel John
Hall / Leigh
Neele & Son
Reid, W.H.
Greenwood, C & J
Miller, Robert
Cary, John
Gardner / Smith
Perrot, Aristide Michel
Ebden / Duncan
Pass, J
Greenwood, C & J
Murray, T L
Teesdale, Henry
Creighton, R
Hall, Sidney
Dawson, R K
Nichols & Son
Cobbett, W
Fullarton, Archibald
Archer / Pinnock
Creighton, R
Walker, J & C
Moule, Thomas
Pigot, J
Pigot & Slater
Archer, J
Becker & Co
Bartholomew / Philip
Hughes, W
Bartholomew / W H Smith
Weller, Edward
Weller, F S